I help individuals and corporations experience personal and corporate transformational growth and success through my person-centred and systematic model for achieving intentional excellence.

One thing that defines the core of my existence is helping people and organisations experience transformational growth and success by inspiring them to achieve intentional excellence in their life’s tasks. I strongly believe that excellence is possible but requires the art of intentionality to bring it forth to bare.

As a result, everything I do everyday is to teach this art of intentional excellence. I manifest this in three areas that I have chosen to operate in from my expertise, experience, knowledge, skills, and talents – ResearchAgri-foodtech Ecosystem Building and Entrepreneurship, and Life-Coaching. Below is more about me.

Dr Apeh Omede is a Marie Curie Fellow under the Research Leaders 2025 Project at Teagasc – Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority. His current research (Milkobiome) is looking at the influence of porcine milk bioactive fractions and microbiota on gut health and immune development in pigs. He is currently based at the University of Leon, Spain as part of the out-going phase of his fellowship. Apeh is an Alltech Young Scientist award winner, as well as winner of some young scientist awards and travel grants. He has won over $400,000 in total at different times and through different programs.

At the same time, Dr Apeh is passionate about agri-foodtech and entrepreneurship. As an agri-foodtech ecosystem builder, and a part of an accelerator and incubator that is specifically focused on empowering agri-foodtech startups and entrepreneurs across Nigeria. He is also a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Fellow. He spends his free time mentoring agri-foodtech startups and entrepreneurs.

As a life-coach, Apeh works with people and organisations to help them achieve intentional excellence in their life and work. He does this through his Intentional Excellence Mastery Coaching Program, SuccessConverge – a weekly show with other thought-leaders in his circle, his books, and podcasts. He also speaks at events and conferences where he shares experiences, tools and tricks for transformational growth and success with his audience. If you would love to invite him to your event, visit his booking page for details.