I am an agri-foodtech enthusiast and a founding partner at an agri-foodtech business accelerator in Nigeria.

In 2014, I came across an organisation called Startup Pirates then. That was my first experience with the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and business development. Imeediately, I knew that I was meant to be part of that world of business and entrepreneurship. I signed up with them and led Lagos Chapter of the organisation for a while. Shortly after that, I started researching what was the landscape for agri-foodtech entrepreneurs.

My discovery led to my passion for agri-foodtech entrepreneurship. In 2016, I started Nigeria’s first agri-foodtech-specific innovation hub that is focused on enabling growth for agri-foodtech entrepreneurs and startups in Nigeria. Through our platform, we work daily to enable growth for agri-foodtech startups and entreprenurs. If you want to know more about our work, visit AgriCatalyst Innovations.

I went on to start an online platform that provides on-demand access to expert advice for farmers and agri-foodtech entrepreneurs to help them solve their business problems in real time. If you want to know more about the platform, visit FarmCoach.

In 2016, I became a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Fellow. I have worked with many many agri-foodtech startups and entrepreneurs, spending time to provide free mentoring to them for their businesses. I also serve on the advisory board of Nigeria’s first agritech HR company.

I am also Nigeria’s impact maker for Future Agro Challenge which. is a global competition across 60 countries in search of the global ‘agripreneur of the year. Through my role as the impact maker for Nigeria, I mobilize the agri-foodtech ecosystem to support agri-foodtech entrepreneurs in the country to build sustainable agri-foodtech businesses.