Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow | Alltech Young Scientist | World’s Poultry Congress Multiple Award Winner….

Apeh Omede is a Marie Curie Fellow under the Research Leaders 2025 Program at Teagasc – Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority. His current research (Milkobiome) is looking at the influence of porcine milk bioactive fractions and microbiota on gut health and immune development in pigs. He is currently based at the University of Leon, Spain as part of the out-going phase of his fellowship.

His research interests cut across development of strategies for early nutrition in animals, improvement and utilization of alternative feed resources, and physiological responses (digestive functions, gut development and gut health) of animals to such feed resources in monogastric animals

Apeh is an Alltech Young Scientist award winner, as well as winner of some young scientist awards and travel grants. He is open to collaboration in the field of Monogastric Nutrition, Gut Health and Development, Digestive and Environmental Physiology.

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